Chris Young Had His New Song Just Fall In His Lap

Chris Young Had His New Song Just Fall In His Lap

As fans eagerly await the August release of Chris Young‘s next album, Famous Friends, they can get one more piece of the musical puzzle right now with “Rescue Me” – a song that Chris says just “kind of fell into my lap.”

Talking about the track, Chris says “‘Rescue Me’ is one of those songs that kind of fell into my lap. The other four guys that I wrote it with had kind of started the idea. They shot me a short little clip was like, ‘hey, seeing if this something you’d be interested in’ And I was like, ‘absolutely.’ And actually, if you go look at the production credit, part of the reason why it’s me and Mark Holman is a lot of that was from the original track that he built a lot of stuff that he played. And I actually sing that in one of my mics in my little downstairs studio. So when I tell you guys that this song is something that jumped off the page and was really special and made during the whole craziness of the past year and a half, it’s 100% true.”

Chris cowrote “Rescue Me” with Mark Holman, Josh Hoge, and Christian Davis Stainecker – and it’s one of the 14-tracks on his upcoming album Famous Friends that is available August 6th.

Listen to the new track right here…

And you can also check out the music video for the album’s title track that features Kane Brown, here…

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson


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