Parmalee Made Their New Album, For You – For the Fans!

Parmalee Made Their New Album, For You – For the Fans!

Parmalee‘s new album, featuring their number-one hit “Just The Way” is available now!

The guys shared, “Our new album For You is out now!! We made this record FOR YOU, the fans. We have been working on this record for a couple of years and there isn’t a better feeling than being able to finally share it with you all! THANK YOU for all of the love and support!!”

The new project contains 12 tracks that includes their new one “Take My Name” and their number-one hit “Just The Way” – which connected with fans in a big way.

For You track list

1. “Only You”
2. “Just The Way” (with Blanco Brown)
3. “Backroad Girl”
4. “Take My Name”
5. “I Do”
6. “Miss You Now”
7. “Greatest Hits” (feat. Fitz)
8. “Better With You”
9. “Forget You” (feat. Avery Anna)
10. “Alone Like That”
11. “I See You”
12. “I’ll Take The Chevy”

Parmalee lead singer Matt Thomas says that’s the goal with any music they make is to have it connect with their fans in a special way, “I think as an artist the one thing, you can’t plan, the one thing you can’t buy, the one thing that you always hope for is a song that connects with people, on a real level, and that’s probably the biggest compliment we could ever have, as writers and artists, is that a song truly connects with people.”

Here’s the new one that Parmalee has that fans are starting to connect with – from their new album For You – this is “Take My Name.”

Photo Courtesy of Parmalee


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