Brett Young is OK with Fireworks from Afar…but He Passes on the Chance to Light Them

Brett Young is OK with Fireworks from Afar…but He Passes on the Chance to Light Them

Brett Young admits that while he did have a bit off an adventurous streak in him during his youth – playing around with fireworks was not really his thing.

Brett says, “I was never really into fireworks. I enjoyed watching them from afar. But the probably first five years of my life I was a little bit of a daredevil.  My parents would find me climbing things and jumping off of things and then all of a sudden this switch flipped at like five years old and I was like a very cautious, almost fearful kid.  And that ran over into the whole firework game. I was afraid that one was gonna blow up in my hand or something and so if we’d go to an event where I could watch from afar I was into to it, but I never wanted to be the one setting them off.“

While he celebrates America, Brett also shares that the 4th played a part in him finding his wife, Taylor, “Fourth of July, for my wife and myself – we met because she had a roommate in Arizona that was from Newport Beach, which is where I’m from. And even before we met, she was going from Arizona to Newport Beach every 4th of July. And Newport Beach closes down the streets, and it’s like beach cruisers and all the homes on the waterfront throw little parties. And it’s a lot of families, but it’s also a lot of youth, and we’ve just always loved that. And so, like whatever the PG-13 family oriented version of that is – I think it’s fireworks at the beach and barbecuing out on the sand during the day, and volleyball and family and the whole thing.”

Brett and Taylor Young both star in the music video for “You Didn’t” – which is Brett’s current single at country radio.

Photo Credit: Seth Kupersmith


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